Acupuncture is treatment with small and thin needles. During pregnancy there can be different unbalances in the body, that can show as pain. Acupuncture helps the body to go back into balance, the unbalance can not be worse with acupuncture.

Midwife consultation

I offer private midwife consultations for you who wants a supplement with one or more during your pregnancy.

Birth preparation

This individual birth preparation class is for you who wants a private session that can be schedules whenever you have time. Do you go into life’s big events without preparing?


Being pregnant is a psycically and mentally hard for your body and mind and therefore it is important that you prioritize well-being for your body.

Getting your body ready for birth

The treatment of helping your body to mature into labour helps the body's natural process. This treatment can for example consist of acupuncture, rebozo, massage, membrane sweeping or a combination of these.

Post-birth conversation

After a long pregnancy it can feel nice to have a closure. I offer to go through the birth.


Your pregnancy goes SO fast and when the baby is born, you quickly forget what your body has been through. It is important to create memories and to perpetuate your pregnancy in a professional way is an overlooked importance. --- Continue making memories once the birth is over and the calmness enters. Time flies!

Mother-group massage

Did you try a full-body massage when you were pregnant? Do you want to experience it again, while your co-mothers looks after your baby?